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We create beautiful graphics, functional websites, working mobile apps

About Us

Vasonomics is a trusted name in the provision of Value Added Services and IT Solutions across the globe.

We provide various services and ideas

Vasonomics is a trusted name in the provision of Value Added Services and IT Solutions across the globe. As a leading VAS and Solutions provider, we cover the Telcos of Asia, Europe and Africa. We have been at the forefront in delivering highly secure and scalable products such as Short Message Service Center (SMSC), SMS Gateway, Voice Portal and GPS Enterprises.

We do this by leveraging on our team’s extensive experience in African telecom markets and our knowledge of the local ecosystem and by developing exclusive local content and strong partnerships with local market participants.

Our Products & Services

We provide a various range of products & services in the field of VAS, WEB and application development from
our expertise in developing and maintaining a inhouse system

Value Added Services

Vasonomics is a leading VAS (value added services) provider across the globe.

Web Development

Web development refers to creating and maintaining websites. It includes aspects such as creative web designs, innovative web programming and digital work.

Application Development

Develop powerful, highly usable mobile apps that solve business problems, attract users, and reinforce your brand. We build cross-platform apps such as iOS and Android.

Featured In

We have various features with various inhouse IT and VAS solutions which keeps upgrading time to time

We deliver exceptional service to our customers with automated multi-channel experience management and integrated voice response system.

Vasonomics framework of enterprises help them meet their customer communication needs like SMS, voice based solutions on IVR and USSD.

With our messaging solutions, we make your service experience more interactive, responsive, secure, cost effective and insightful.

We produce engrossing content for millions of subscribers of more than 20 telecoms globally.

Our messaging suite includes USSD as well as SMS gateway, SMSC, SMS Router, USSD browser. Vasonomics also provides USSD services over cloud.

Vasonomics products for telemarketing have been finely honed through years of refinement and addition of new contact methods.


We have various partners from different countries in east and west Africa, Bangladesh and many more.


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Our Management Team

We have a very highly experienced and professional management team who caters
every product and service in a professional way


Founder & CEO

Guleed Siyad

Vice-President RoiTaxi Division


General Manager


Assistant General Manager


Adviser To CEO


Head Of Finance And Compliance


Vice President - Content, DCB And Data

Prateek Katiyar

Manager, Business Development