RBT/CRBT & Wallpaper

Vasonomics CRBT platform works for GSM, CDMA or regular landline and also for handset agnostic. We give our customers chance to create their own album and shuffle according to their preference. Our clients use these services to get assured with full acknowledgement. We run a web portal named simraja which offers ringtones, wallpapers, funny videos, and stories from bollywood to Hollywood to our subscriber.

Salient Features:

Client able to change RBT, enabling them to hear what they want to when they call up someone.
User-based RBT: consumer can choose different RBT for each caller.
Random RBT: every time a caller calls they will be greeted with a different tone on a random basis.
Caller can copy RBT, if he would like it to be his own by just pressing a key.
Time and Geography based RBT.

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