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Vasonomics is a trusted name in the provision of Value Added Services and IT Solutions across the globe. As a leading VAS and Solutions provider, we cover the Telcos of Asia, Europe and Africa. We have been at the forefront in delivering highly secure and scalable products such as Short Message Service Center (SMSC), SMS Gateway, Voice Portal and GPS Enterprises.

  • Vasonomics is a Value-added Services (VAS) & Software-as- a-Service (SAAS) and Content-as- a-Service (CAAS) provider to leading Telecom Operators in West and East Africa.

  • We at Vasonomics provide highly-localized low-cost mobile entertainment and educational services to end telecom subscribers.

  • With its technological edge, commitment to R&D, and focus on revenue-generating services, Vasonomics creates a special relationship with its customers where innovation and reliability are key components of every endeavor.

  • We do this by leveraging on our team’s extensive experience in African telecom markets and our knowledge of the local ecosystem and by developing exclusive local content and strong partnerships with local market participants.

Vasonomics innovative mobile VAS range includes:

Messaging VAS.
Call Management VAS.
Roaming VAS.
Messaging Solutions.
Roaming Solutions.
Prepaid Solutions.
Research & Development

Today, the ever innovating mobile and web technologies are impacting business concepts in many revolutionary ways. It can be seen in terms of responsiveness, real time information, 24x7 flow, mass customization of products and services, user-friendliness, last mile connectivity, high adaptability, reduced ramp-up time, efficiency and effectiveness. Our success stories are many that are bringing smile to our worldwide clientele. Voice, SMS, USSD and WAP application developments and GPS Vehicle tracking solutions are only some of them with which we are serving our customers based in Nigeria, Dubai, Sydney, Tanzania and, of course India.

We believe in state of the art technology and to maintain that status in the ever advancing mobile world we are continuously and generously investing time and money in R&D. This is how we are able to bring out highly innovative, versatile and technologically advanced mobile communication products and services on a regular basis. Vasonomics also does market research regularly because no innovation is possible unless we can feel the pulse of our customer. Sometimes, we just listen to our esteemed clients and we know which direction we should go.

What We Do

Catering to top notch companies spread across the globe, we provide them with onsite/offsite technological support and IT outsourcing services on long term basis.


Being a managed service company, Vasonomics manages services for almost all the Asian and African carriers. Located across various continents, we have over a 100 million customers. This list is growing. Come over to Vasonomics. You are welcome. We are keen to work with you to launch Value Added Services, thereby adding to your coffers in a big way.

Our approach and value proposition is simple: We increase your top line revenue. Being one of the fastest growing VAS provider companies and our big presence in Asia and Africa, you can realize how and why we matter.

Consultative Approach. Despite our hectic 24x7 working, we always have lots of time to understand you and your customers. Moreover, with our vast content library experience content creation team, we promise you the best content. And, if that is not enough, let us make a humble claim: OURS IS THE FASTEST DELIVERY.

Take a break: Because when you are with us, your worries cease to be yours. They become ours. We achieve this unique transfer of anxiety by deploying our expert team, the propriety Service Delivery Platform and our state of the art NOC, that runs round the clock.

Lower risk : You would fall in love with our revenue share model for sure because it lowers your risk and we earn only if we succeed.

Custom-Managed Services

We offer custom made services for small and medium sized applications, which help clients in meeting their in-house demands dealing with day-to-day operations. Our services enable convergence for our clients and that too without any requirement of resource outlay.

The Custom-Managed Services arrangement are based on best in the class software solutions and establishes a uniform, single, and comprehensive operations contract in which we build and provide the solutions besides, operations, support, and maintenance. We also supervise the solution's performance and reliability and report on an agreed set of service levels.

Custom-Managed Services

The extensive platform of Vasonomics in all areas of the digital convergence business enables quick time-to-market, and customization of the final solution to our clients' requirements. We possess the required expertise and specialization for operation and involvement in every step of a successful service delivery proposition. We provide a rich bouquet of professional, technical and business services.

Software and Systems Development and Integration

Vasonomics software and systems development services are focused on precise enterprise demands in application and systems software development and integration. Our application development services are built and structured on the foundation of proven project management practices, reusable frameworks and are dedicated towards technological innovation.

VAS Services

Vasonomics is a leading VAS (value added services) provider across the globe. Our VAS services integrate enterprise IT and wireless environment, which enable all partner Telcos to deploy value added services quickly and cost effectively to customers. We offer VAS services for Entertainment and Enterprises. We possess a range of leading-edge voice and data transmission technologies for various African and Asian telecom operators. We provide reliable outsourcing partnership for call centers in Africa and Asia.

We offers VAS which combine with network design and technical support professional services, allowing telecommunications operators to implement advanced networks to enable them to offer competitive services. We are helping various service providers to reach their business objectives by providing the needed resources and manpower.

Our major VAS Services are:

Short Message Service Subscription
Interactive Voice Response
USSD Services.
RBT/CRBTs & Wallpapers
Missed Call Services
Contest and Promotions

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