Our Products & Services

Vasonomics uses expertise-driven approach to better customer experience, leveraging extensive global off-shore infrastructure and a network of offices in 10 countries.

Vasonomics possesses exponential growth through its zon for maximum efficiency. Our comprehensive and robust Enterprise Solutions help you deploy content management solutions and integrate enterprise-wide functions. We are growing by the day with demands for richer functionalities increasing on the one hand and enterprise expansion on the other. Vasonomics provides insightful and cost-effective Value Added Services, Web Products, Application and Enterprise Solutions with unprecedented experience. We build products and services which take consumer-service provider relationship to the next level. Our platform deploys multiple bandwidths with complete fault-tolerance and robust internet capabilities.

Vas Services

Vasonomics is a leading VAS (value added services) provider across the globe. Our VAS services integrate enterprise IT and wireless environment, which enable all partner Telcos to deploy value added services quickly and cost effectively to customers. We offer VAS services for Entertainment and Enterprises. We possess a range of leading-edge voice and data transmission technologies for various African and Asian telecom operators. We provide reliable outsourcing partnership for call centers in Africa and Asia.

We offers VAS which combine with network design and technical support professional services, allowing telecommunications operators to implement advanced and high quality service. We are helping various service providers to reach their business objectives by providing the needed resources and manpower.

Our Major wab servies are
Short Message Service Subscription
Interactive Voice Response
USSD Services.
RBT/CRBTs & Wallpapers
Missed Call Services
Contest and Promotions
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Web Products

We are a team of experienced web developers and designers to bring ideas of our clients into reality. We offer our clients complete web development solutions. Our web products are made to fulfill the efficient and cost effective needs. Vasonomics offers web solutions that are interactive, secure and responsive. We deliver web products that make us the best in our business. We ensure an interactive web design according to the latest web solutions parameters. We give our customers a chance to choose among the best and effective graphic designs, logo designs and website designing. Vasonomics delivers exponential web solutions for various industries such as Media, E-commerce, Retail and Telecom. Our team has extensive exposure and greed to work with latest technologies in latest web market. We are well conversant with PHP, ASP.NET, C#, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, Wordpress with a blend of JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Jquery, AJAX and high end graphics for the web development process. We possess required expertise and work according to client’s specifications.

Our major Web Products are:
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Application Development

Vasonomics offers mobile best applications to meet institutions application portfolio through customizable solutions. We give our customer transformational value by delivering extensive and efficient techniques and industry oriented services. Vasonomics streamlines mobile application management processes for maximum efficiency and control. We provide onsite and offsite technology support and IT outsourcing services to many companies on a long term basis. Our clients are located in Nigeria, Sydney, Dubai, Tanzania and India. Vasonomics offers Mobile Apps Development platform in Android Application, mobile based applications, voice application development, bulk SMS, SMS and Voice based mobile application. Our well experienced mobile app developers help clients to plan, design, develop and deliver a customized application according to their business needs. We have proven expertise in SMS & voice applications for mobile, workforce management, websites for mobiles, banking and finance apps and gaming with accelerated delivery speed according to the requirements of mobile apps.

Our major Mobile Application Products are:
Comedy TV App
StoryBox App
Zaika App
Kobodesk App
Pesadesk App
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Enterprise Solutions

Vasonomics offers mobility and pervasive computing solutions to its enterprises. While working globally with different brands, we seek to offer unique products & services. Our enterprise solutions include deep industry domain expertise. Presently when enterprises are experiencing multiple disruptiveness of digitalization, Vasonomics has been delivering more integrated technologies and solutions. Vasonomics creates solutions for its enterprises in different modes including SMS, voice based solutions on IVR and USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Services Data), and custom applications using data as a channel. Our enterprise solutions are second to none. We are the best provider of GPS tracking systems for consumers and businesses worldwide. We have solutions for all your GPS needs, be it for a fleet of vehicles or heavy construction equipment. The systems consist of software compatible with Google Maps, digital map data in any standard formats and have provision for adding, editing, deleting VTS units in software along with Stoppage report, Speed report, Area violation report and Playback report.

Bulk SMS
Bulk Call
Miss Call Alert
Asst. Manager Sales.
Software Development
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SMSC Manager

Our SMSC services endorse large enterprises to assured message delivery with full acknowledgement, which regulates campaign manager, one time password and 2-way messaging traffic analyzer, same SMS Gateway to handle both A2P and P2P traffic, opening new revenue stream for the Telcos. SMSC messages create a real time connection during a USSD session. The connection remains open, allowing a two-way exchange of a sequence of data. This makes SMSC more responsive than services that use SMS.

Features Of SMSC:
GSM MAP phase I, II and III support
Configurable Link Capacity Control
Automatic Link Resumption
Separate interfaces and privileges for different users including Customer Support, Billing, Manager and Administrator
Web-based Management Interface - A HTTP based GUI for real-time and post traffic analysis, administration, reports and billing
Concatenated Short Message
Push/Pull application services
Receipt notification
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RBT/CRBT & Wallpaper

Vasonomics CRBT platform works for GSM, CDMA or regular landline and also for handset agnostic. We give our customers chance to create their own album and shuffle according to their preference. Our clients use these services to get assured with full acknowledgement. We run a web portal named simraja which offers ringtones, wallpapers, funny videos, and stories from bollywood to Hollywood to our subscriber.

Salient Features:
Client able to change RBT, enabling them to hear what they want to when they call up someone.
User-based RBT: consumer can choose different RBT for each caller.
Random RBT: every time a caller calls they will be greeted with a different tone on a random basis.
Caller can copy RBT, if he would like it to be his own by just pressing a key.
Time and Geography based RBT.
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USSD Services

Our subscriber manager automatically activates data services of prepaid mobile subscribers with a simple USSD browser interface. Data services can be activated/ deactivated by dialing a given number. It makes it easy for a subscriber to access data services offered by operator instantly without waiting for long. The Subscription Manager interfaces with operator's network elements HLR and SMSC and provides automation of data services activation to subscribers. Data Services activation integrates queries HLR and gets status of user's prepaid and postpaid. Activation is processed for prepaid customers which provides complete transaction logs at every stage of transaction. Various reports provided by activation system helps operator to review the data service usage of subscriber.

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Interactive Voice Response

Our IVR based jukebox is best thing to have happened to the lovers of regional music. Our service transforms a mobile phone into a virtual music system. Our subscribers can not only listen to their favorite songs as and when it suits them, but can also dedicate the songs to the near and dear ones. Treasure hunt is a contest, where customer has to answer objective type questions using mobile keypad and win the contest at multiple levels. OBD push is a high performance dial out tool to run voice campaigns with a high value of success rate of mobile reach using its inbuilt delivery calculated tool.

Salient Features:
Widest device coverage in the market.
To maintain freshness in the portals, we constantly update all the video portals with latest, enticing and relevant content.
Smart-cache with unique content finger-printing.
Multi-tier caching & content finger printing.
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Miss Call Service

Our MCA service makes available to subscriber the infomation about missed calls when network is unavailable or phone is switched off. In such conditions, MCA services composes alerts of up to 160 characters and sends them to the subscriber at regular intervals. Messages are composed using ISUP from host switch and delivered to Public Land Mobile Network via a MAP interface, which is a part of SS7 protocol. Vasonomics MCA service supports revenue generating messaging services has many more salient features.

Salient Features:
Alerts on SMS channel.
Personalized alerts can be sent with caller party CLIP.
Receive the collation of missed calls information.
Receive alert when the user comes into coverage
No Loss of data
No duplication of data
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Contest & Promotions

Vasonomics offers platform to promote contests and product promotions to its clients. We encourage our client’s subscriber with social promotions. We integrate multiple channels for maximum exposure and engagement, leveraging the latest social channels including Google searches, Facebook, YouTube, and other social media channels. We launch contests and promotions on destination websites for campaign to our valuable customer and integrate with social channels for a cross channel campaign. As a solutions developer, Vasonomics has worked with leading brands and agencies worldwide. Vasonomics has laid new ways in social promotions and marketing with leading solutions for brands and agencies.

Salient Features:
Tablet Quiz
Lucky2016 29292
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